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Music offers the opportunity to express things in ways otherwise unimaginable. The piano in particular gives me tremendous freedom to express my emotions and my musical ideas.


I discovered our neighbour's piano as a child, I fell in love for the instrument immediately. When my musical ability became evident, my parents bought me a piano and I went on to take classical piano lessons from age 7.


In 2006 I graduated as a Performing Musician in Piano Jazz & Pop at the ArtEZ-conservatory in Zwolle. During my course I gained a lot of experience accompanying vocalists, various choirs, singing groups and theater companies. I play solo and in various bands at events like festivals, parties, weddings, corporate meetings, concerts and such. Since 2010 I teach at the ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem. There I give the course Harmony at the piano, Accompaniment on piano and Methodology. Since 2016 I am a teacher at Pop Music Academy in Bunschoten.


Besides performing and teaching, writing musical compositions is one of my greatest passions. I have worked on many pieces and continue to collaborate with songwriters for artists, theater productions and commercials. 

I live in Hoevelaken, near Amersfoort. I play throughout the country and with some regularity abroad.

Live gig L'aupair
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